SEO Services

With over one billion searches being processed by Google everyday, it is easy to see how getting on top of page one of Google is more than just owning a website. The value of being on the first page of Google is, of course, well known. More than 80% of all clicks from users happen only among the highest placements (top 3 positions). Search engine optimisation (SEO) simply aims to position your website so that you are more visible to prospective clients that are searching for your product or service.

SDGSEO aims to offer both SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) services with this goal in mind.

SEO Explained
The SEO process ensures that your website and website pages are well positioned on search engine results pages in what is called an organic search. Web crawlers are continuously scanning websites for updated content so they can index these sites for Web search purposes. Implementing an effective SEO strategy thus calls for knowledge of how search engines work and what needs to be done to ensure your site is properly indexed.

The SEO process begins with keyword research on the most relevant keywords in your relative market. This is a continuous process that also includes web page code restructuring, link building and making frequent updates. The value of SEO is directly related to the people searching for your products and services. SEO is thus a direct marketing strategy that targets customers who are specifically looking for your products and services. Through tracking and analysis, SEO can be quantified by showing customer behaviour on your website, such as the number of pages visited, how long each visitor stayed on each page and where they went after leaving your website. SEO analytics also show where your website traffic is coming from; is it from your social media channels, search engines or from referral links?

We are also well aware that the SEO field is ever-evolving, innovating and integrating. Staying ahead of these strategic, technological and tactical changes takes discipline and a commitment to excellence. As more focus has been placed around social signals and metrics, as well as in API development, these changes need to be reflected in any online strategy that gets implemented. At SDGSEO, we aim to adapt to these changes and the convergence of multiple media types around your online marketing efforts.

SEM Explained
Search engine marketing (SEM) is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through paid search advertising. These can range from PayPerClick ads (Google Adwords), graphical ads in high traffic websites and more. SEM is a broad discipline and includes anything from search engine branding to landing pages, mobile pages, public relations, local and mobile search marketing.

Online branding is another particularly important strategy we offer. Branding a business helps to add an emotional spin to your marketing efforts, which can significantly alter and affect your clientele. This strategic business building activity enhances a brand’s recognition and trust, which helps businesses not only grab the top search engine rankings, but also build brand loyalty and third-party relationships. What others are saying about your business is a powerful buying incentive. Our branding aims to offer a strategic, iterative process that holds the potential to expand and explode a business’ level of success.

At SDGSEO, we go beyond just SEO and aim to offer a comprehensive list of SEM services that can improve your business’ reputation, loyalty and trust on the Web. On top of that, we aim to evolve by changing with the market, thus ensuring that we continuously keep you a step ahead of your competition. The SEO and SEM industry requires agencies to continuously learn and implement new and sometimes challenging approaches. At SDGSEO, we are committed to improving our approaches and offering a real value for your money.